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Shipping & Returns

These are the shipping options available through this shop:

"Delivery Cost To be Advised" to All DestinationsThe delivery cost will need to be calculated and advised by email and/or phone

Allowed destinations:
  1. United States
  2. United States | California
  3. United States | Idaho
  4. United States | Oregon
  5. United States | Washington

Allowed billing methods:
  3. Payment by VISA / MC


Returns policy

If for some reason the product arrives damaged or is incorrect to the item ordered; or you have any queries regarding returns to Vinvicta , you should contact Pacifc Winemaking directly using the information on the Contact Us page.

Generally, written contact must be made within 7 days of the product delivery to be considered. In the case of Incorrect Product purchase by the customer, there will be a transport and restocking fee associated with any return. Any liability held by Pacific Winemaking is limited to the cost of the products involved.

Where products are imported specifically on the behalf of a customer, returns will not be agreed to without specific negotiation, if at all. In this case, products will have substantial charges covering freight and interest added to them.

Special Exceptions

Note also that specific products may have specific returns policies, so be sure to read that information on the product pages.