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Diam Altop Technical Cork for Spirits

Diam Altop, our technological cork for spirits.


Ideal for spirits thanks to its outstanding mechanical properties and releasable TCA below 40 ng/l in 40% ethanol solution.


Thanks to unique manufacturing process and stringent testing at all stages of production, every Diam Altop cork provides consistent guarantee of individual performance:


  • Consistency from one bottle to the next and over time

  • Consistent bottling leading to optimized productivity and reduced costs

  • Regularity of line behavior

  • High elastic return

  • Controlled and consistent permeability


Diam Bouchage provides a complete service from design to realization (cork shanks production, top sourcing and assembling) and offers its customers numerous options for customizing their closures (diameter, marking, heads in wood, metal, plastic or glass).


Altop Technical Cork comes in two styles—download the information sheet for details.

Product Information Sheet

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