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Mercier French Oak (2 Year)

Tonnellerie Mercier is a premier cooperage located in Barbezieux, France. Known for over 50 years a supplier of quality and consistant oak, Mercier maintains their standard range (and specialty ranges - See Affinity, Harmony, and F de Mercier ranges) through continual managment of oak supply, finishing, toasting and construction.

The Standard (Transport) range refers to their Classique products which come in Transport or plain style, Chateau Ferree and Chateau Tradition styles. The barrels are available in both 225L and 228L, 300L, 350L, 400L and 500L. This range features standard fire bending of staves and traditional toasts (Medium, Medium Plus, +/- heads).

Pacific Winemaking imports Mercier barrels in time to arrive prior to harvest. Typically orders are placed prior to 1 June to assure delivery in time.

Technical Information

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