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F de Mercier 3-Year French Oak

Tonnellerie Mercier is a premier cooperage located in Barbezieux, France. Known for over 50 years a supplier of quality and consistant oak, Mercier maintains their standard range (and specialty ranges - See Affinity, Harmony, and F de Mercier ranges) through continual managment of oak supply, finishing, toasting and construction.


  • French oak                                                            

  • Tight grain selection                                                   

  • Air seasoned in the wood yard for 36 months            

  • Special finish                                                                

  • Limited production


Technical Information

Recommendations and Benefits:

Barrel meant for wines needing long period of aging, for well matured, strong wines, with a smooth and refined texture, fatty in the middle of the month, aromatic complexity, length.


Available models:

225L  228L  300L  500L 

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