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Diam Closure for Still Wine

Diam, our technological cork for still wines.


Diam is the only cork closure that provides both a perfect homogeneity between one bottle and another and perfect control over the different levels of permeability. The DIAMANT® method also provides incomparable sensorial neutrality.  


Tested and approved by many international laboratories, Diam is an innovative closure that combines the tradition of a cork stopper and the mechanical and organoleptic security of a technological closure: 

  • TCA taint-free (below the limit of quantification of 0.3 ng/l) and many other molecules responsible for sensorial deviations.

  • Optimum bottling line (insertion) performance and unsurpassed elastic recovery.

  • Prevents leakage, seepage or dust risk.  


By preserving the wine’s aromas throughout its maturation, Diam is the closure of choice for a successful tasting experience every time!   

Diam comes in 5 different permeability types—download the information sheet for details.

Product Information Sheet

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