Working with D’Vine Intervention, Pacific Winemaking offers rental units for cross flowing your wines on your own.


The CF8-2-200M comes ready to be rinsed out and used for sterile (0.2 micron) filtration of your wines at a rate of 200 gallons per hour for whites* and approximately 180 gallons per hour for reds*. These systems are simple to use, gentle on the wine, and will pay for themselves quickly on reduction of losses alone.


Download and complete the booking form below and send to to book your unit. We can deliver or you pick up (it will fit in the bed of your pick-up).


* Every wine is different in filtration. Speed is dependent on many factors including the solids content, sugars, temperature, and gravity pressure affecting your specific filtration set-up. These speeds are averaged from years of experience with these 

machines in actual use. 




How to operate the CF8-2-200M Crossflow: