PE30 Membrane

The Pera pneumatic press is recognized throughout the world for its gentle must extraction. In the design of this press, the Pera engineers have emphasized the following:  

  • The quality of the must extraction

  • The free access to each part of the press which facilitates cleaning operations

  • The simple lay-out of the mechanical components that enable ready access and quick service  


The press is composed of:  

  • A stainless steel drum, either open mesh or closed, equipped with a food-grade membrane

  • A reversible and retractable juice tray, made in stainless steel 

  • A programmer that controls press operation, ensures its safety and displays information

  • A built in compressor, vacuum pump and reducer

  • A stainless steel frame  


Features of the Pera press:  

  • Easy Cleaning

  • Huge central doors for loading

  • Simple to use, yet versatile programming instructions

  • Quality construction  


Options available:  

  • Axial feed-in, quick connects, pressostat and feed-in alarm

  • Wheels or stainless steel feet

  • Wheel motorization with handle

  • Automatic pressing programs with tank probe and specific juice tray

  • Conductivity follow-up and more—let us know what you need.

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