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Diam Mytik Cork for Sparkling Wine


Mytik, our technological cork for sparkling wines.  


Mytik Diam is the only cork closure which offers both a perfect homogeneity between one bottle and another and an optimized sealing quality. The DIAMANT® method also provides incomparable sensorial neutrality.  


Its mechanical and organoleptic performances ensure you a quality closure and preservation of the sharpness of your wines:   


  • TCA taint-free (below the limit of quantification of 0.3 ng/l) and many other molecules responsible for sensorial deviations.

  • Allows for a regular passage through the disgorgement chain.

  • Avoids disc separation as well as pegged corks.

  • Ensures an easy opening and guarantees the dimensional recovery (mushroom shape).   

By preserving the bubbles finesse and protecting the wine’s aromas throughout its maturation, Mytik Diam is the closure of choice for a successful tasting experience every time!  


Mytik comes in 2 product types—download the information sheet for details.

Mytik Diam Access Datasheet

Mytik Diam Classic Datasheet


[Data sheets to come]

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