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JABB  Hi-Tech Hybrid Barrels


Just a Breath on Barrels (JABB ) is a concept based on recyclable virgin polymer, barrel heads that are permeable to air and match the requirements for ageing wines and spirits. 


Seasoned Wood Tailored to Your Requirements

With JABB   the amount of seasoned non-toasted wood in your barrels can be varied from 0% to the proportion you require. Compared to the traditional share of 25%, this is a breakthrough innovation without having to replace barrels with some other vessel.


Keep Breathing!

Irreversibly, barrels lose practically all their permeability to O2 as they are used. With JABB® your barrels keep breathing and never get breathless!





Choosing Excellence

Today, JABB®  offers two degrees of permeability to O2 : Jabb® 4, the best level of permeability so far, providing enhanced aromas, rounded, refined structure and length.

Jabb® 2, with limited permeability to O2, providing multi-layered aromas, roundness and freshness.


As Well as a Full Range of Combinations

  • Barrel by barrel with customized components to choose from: shell, toast, one or two JABB® and the degree of permeability.

  • Batch by batch with unlimited choice of the percentage of barrels fitted with JABB® heads.


Staying Close to Market Trends

With JABB® you can anticipate ageing trends and be ahead of market expectations.

  • Large numbers of barrels available to match the wide range of wine and spirits styles.Convincing results from all types of wood used for cooperage: French, eastern and American oak, acacia, etc.

  • A double-function concept that opens up possibilities for winemakers hitherto reticent about using wood, by reducing short ageing cycles and enhancing results of long ageing.


JUST A BREATH ON BARRELS is also developing ways to extend the JABB®  concept to wooden vats and tanks and other non-wooden wine and spirits containers, made of stainless steel, concrete, etc.

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