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elevage infiniti

The Elevage-Infiniti™ reusable long-life polymer sustainable barrel provides a perfect vessel to manage the oxygen required for maturation of your premium wine. It offers a number of advantages:

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INGENUITY: Offers controlled oxygen transfer rates for metered maturation.




CONVENIENCE: Provides advantages with handling, logistics, storage, and cleaning.  





INVESTMENT: With a 25-year life span, they more than halve the cost of direct capital purchase and operational costs compared to traditional oak barrels.


ENVIRONMENTAL: Elevage uses more of the oak from a single 170 year old tree when harvested thereby reducing waste and  preserving trees


SUSTAINABILITY: Lifetime of every Elevage-Infiniti™ sustainable barrel saves the equivalent of 89 new traditional barrels or 22 oak trees

DIMENSIONS: Covers several batch sizes and gives a 66% space efficiency advantage for maturation storage.









Elevage-Infiniti™ comes in 3 versions:

Low OTR - for low tannin / phenolic wines

Medium OTR - for wines with moderate levels of tennis and phenolics

High OTR - for high tannin / phenolic wine

Available in 1000L, 1500L and 2000L

Infiniti Model 1430 Lid

The photo below shows our warehouse stock of Infiniti 1kl fitted with Model 1430 lid (2” cap not shown and alu extension posts not fitted in this photo)















Tight, reliable sealing. Easy fitting and locking. Easily retrofittable to older models.



The 1430 has undergone extensive engineering and warehouse testing and has passed all of them with flying colors.



The new lid is retrofittable to earlier model Infinitis (and also OD model cubes). It is a very simple process—remove the 12x screws, lift off the old seal plate/lid, and discard. Leave the dual seal in place. Replace with new seal plate / lid / lock ring. Replace and tighten screws. See video: 




















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Many Design Features

—Enables Easier Drainage

Handling, Logistic, Storage, Productivity Benefits

Halving Costs

• Performance Guarantees 

• Finance Offer


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