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French Oak — Special Toasts

Acacia • Harmony • Affinity • Dune

Tonnellerie Mercier is a premier cooperage located in Barbezieux, France. Known for over 50 years as a supplier of quality and consistent oak, Mercier's speciality range includes Acacia, Harmony, Dune, and Affinity barrels,  providing continual management of oak supply, finishing, toasting, and construction.

Mercier BarrelsTechnical Information:


Acacia Characteristics:

  • French acasia   

  • Rigorous selection

  • Air seasoned in the wood yard


Recommendations and Benefits:

Barrels made from acacia wood bring freshness and complexity to white wines. The acacia enhances the citrus fruiet and floral notes. Recommended for a short aging period, between 8 to 10 months.


Available models:

225L  228L  ​​

Harmony Characteristics:

  • French oak   

  • Tight and medium grain selection

  • Air seasoned in the wood yard for 24 months


Recommendations and Benefits:

This barrel brings great complexity through its tannins which give a harmonious structure to the wine and freshness to the grape varieties such as Sangiovese and Grenache, which tend to have a great maturity and are sensitive to oxidation. Suitable for long aging, from 2 to 3 years. 


Available models:

300L, 350L, 400L, 500L  ​​

Affinity Characteristics:

  • French oak   

  • Tight and medium grain selection

  • Air seasoned in the wood yard for 24 months

  • Special bending of staves with water


Recommendations and Benefits:

The combination of tight grain and specific toast helps extract smoother tannins, thus respecting the fruit and its elegance. The combination of medium grain and specific toast helps accentuate freshness, minerality, and fat.  


Available models:

225, 228L, 300L, 500L ​​


Mercier's Newest Barrel: Dune

The Dune toast completes the range of traditional Mercier toasts with a unique method combining a controlled toasting time and the use of a dedicated brazier with an air circulation system for a gentle and very lightly marked toast. 

It gives the wine suppleness, complexity, and elegance as well as minerality and respect for its terroir. 

   What’s in a Name?

On a sand dune, gently flowing edges and contours of wind-blown sand are so defined to the eye, yet soft to the touch. The details of a dune are comprised of complexity and elegance, like great wines.


What Is Different?

Tonnellerie Mercier has spent years perfecting a brand-new toasting regime which is a complete departure from tradition. Dune is the newest toasting method of the Mercier range. We have achieved a certain level of depth of toast without a severity of temperature which is beyond comparison.


What will it do in Your Wine?

Dune stands for the roundness and the suppleness you need to keep the focus on your fruit.

Dune stands for the color of its toasting, with restraint and depth to accept the quality of the wood.

Dune stands for the respect of the terroir, the minerality, the expectations of the vineyard.

225L to 500L • Dune Data Sheet:

Dune logo.png
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