Discstar Lenticular Filter


Filtrox Discstar stainless lenticular frame for 1, 2 or maximum 3 x 12" modules.

Options include additional site glass and tasting tap.

Filter modules for depth filtration allow you to achieve sheet filtration with extreme ease of handling. Filter sheets are mounted in a lenticular form on a draining body. A filter module contains several stacked lenticulars which are held together either by metal clamps or by a grid-like core sleeve of PP. Sealing rings between the lenticulars prevent the passage of non-filtered substance.

In the DISCSTAR, several modules can be applied in combination, allowing the filter area to be multiplied in simple steps.Filter modules allow filtration in an enclosed system without dripping loss.


DISCSTAR 30 and DISCSTAR 40 are the economical filter module units. Module filtration allows outstanding filtration results to be achieved in a closed system without drip losses. Very easy handling. Only a small number of modules have to be handled for inserting new and disposing of used filter media. The DISCSTAR offers many extras, both as standard or as options.


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