Enartis Cellogum LV20 1L

Aqueous solution containing sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) with low viscosity and a high substitution degree formulated for enological use. To be used during wine processing to inhibit the formation and growth of potassium bitartrate crystals which could precipitate after bottling. Cellogum LV 20 has a long-lasting effect and can reduce, and in some cases, completely eliminate the use of physical stabilization treatments such as cold stabilization and electrodialysis. This significantly reduces energy costs and processing times. Because of its low viscosity, Cellogum LV 20 has a low impact on wine filterability and this makes it the ideal solution to be used when CMC is added before microfiltration. The Carboxymethyl cellulose component of Cellogum LV 20 does not have any negative impacts on wine sensory qualities, is non-allergenic and GMO free. 


Application: Tartrate stabilization of still and sparkling wines. Dosage: 25-50 mL/hL (0.95-1.9 L/1,000 gal)

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