Pera PN 240 * 320 * 480 * 600 hL Press


Quality membrane presses—gentleness by Pera

Medium Presses:  50, 65, 80, 110 and 150 hectalitre


Pera creates a range of presses, from 2 t. to 600t. In their large

press range, Pera throws in all the knowledge it has learned about

juice and wine pressing over its 100+ years of manufacturing.

Pera's quality design:

  • Ensures that it is easy to use and clean

  • Uses the best quality materials

  • Ensures that the juice produced is of the highest quality

  • Makes it last for a LONG time.

The large PN range of presses are the closed cage style only—the press tank features juice trays which channel the juice or wine to a juice pan. Their larger press range feature:

  • Large, single or double electric doors

  • Axial feed, with electric control

  • Juice vats to your design

  • Control panel (touch screen) with 12 fully programmable programs, located seperately to the press

  • Frame made from stainless steel or painted steel

  • Easy to remove and clean juice channels. CIP systems for cleaning

  • Additional feature options including Nitrogen pressing, auto-sulphur additions and more.



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