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Dune French Oak

From Mercier:

After many years of research with our customers and observing how wine making and oak ageing processes were evolving, we noticed a growing trend going towards respect for the fruit, the terroir and an expression of place with individual style. In essence, this is the rigorous pursuit of elegance.


Being true to our mission to be today’s cooperage, Tonnellerie Mercier demonstrates innovation once again by proudly introducing our newest barrel, Dune.


What’s in a Name?

On a sand dune, gently flowing edges and contours of wind-blown sand are so defined to the eye, yet soft to the touch. The details of a dune are comprised of complexity and elegance, like great wines.


What is Different?

Tonnellerie Mercier has spent years perfecting a brand-new toasting regime which is a complete departure from tradition. Dune is the newest toasting method of the Mercier range. We have achieved a certain level of depth of toast without a severity of temperature which is beyond comparison.


What will it do in Your Wine?

  • Dune stands for the roundness and the suppleness you need to keep the focus on your fruit.

  • Dune stands for the color of its toasting, with restraint and depth to accept the quality of the wood.

  • Dune stands for the respect of the terroir, the minerality, the expectations of the vineyard.


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