Enartis AST 1kg

Contains potassium metabisulfite, ascorbic acid and hydrolysable tannin in carefully balanced amounts to maximize antioxidant and antimicrobial action. When used on grapes, AST provides the antibacterial and antioxidizing protection provided by sulfur dioxide, while limiting macerating action. It is suitable for the treatment of grapes intended for sparkling wine base, white grapes rich in phenolic substances and for grapes that have been machine harvested. When used in the treatment of must derived from grapes rich in aromatic precursors, it assists in the production of wines with intense varietal aromas. AST is very effective in preventing atypical ageing off-flavors. 


Application: Anti-oxidant protection for moldy grapes; aromatic grapes; must for base wine for sparkling wines; varieties sensitive to atypical ageing. 



150-200 g/ton of grapes                  

15-20 g/hL (1.2-1.7 lb/1,000 gal) in juice                

10 g/hL (0.8 lb/1,000 gal) of AST provide approx 28 ppm SO2

Technical Information

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