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Pronektar Nektar Fresh (French Oak)

French oak granulates specifically made for the maceration of red wines and alcoholic fermentation of red and white wines. Its size allows 6 to 10 days of extraction of the oak components. The richness of ellagic tannins contained in the French oak (twice as much as American oak), will protect the wine against oxidation and will work as a fruit enhancer.


The anti-oxidant potential also helps the ethyl bridges involved in the stabilization of color (combination between anthocyanes and tannins) and the polymerization of tannins (decreases astringency and provides roundness, sweetness and volume).


To avoid any risk of dusty characteristics and moisture, Nektar Fresh is dried, not toasted, to a humidity level of 3%. A thermal disinfection ensures that the product doesn’t have a risk of sawdust aroma or green wood/sap. character. 


Sold in 22 lbs bags.

Extraction in 1 week.

Technical Information

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