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Pronektar Granulate (French Oak)

Oak granulates are sized between powder and chips. This finely ground product resembles a loose tea or tobacco in appearance. Attentive aging of the oak and uniform toasting ensures a quality product that can be used with confidence. Offered in the following toast levels: dry un-toasted, light, medium, and medium plus.


USE: Primarily used during fermentation, granulates can be added at the crusher/ stemmer or directly into the fermentation vessel. Their small size allows them to pass through winery equipment without risk. Oak granulates, like oak powder, aid in the reduction, or elimination, of vegetal characteristics found in certain varietals, under-ripe fruit, or that coming from young vines. Furthermore, granulates aid in the fixing of color and cross polymerization of tannins (structure), without the addition of excessive oak aromas. The size of granulates is perfect for full extraction in a classic fermentation of around one week. 


Sold in 22 lbs bags. 

Extraction in 1 week.


Technical Information

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