Pera PE / PNE 50 * 65 * 80 and 110 * 150 Press


Quality membrane presses—gentleness by Pera

Medium Presses:  50, 65, 80, 110 and 150 hectalitre


Pera creates a range of presses, from 2 t. to 600t. In their smaller

press range, Pera throws in all the knowledge it has learned about

juice and wine pressing over its 100+ years of manufacturing.

Pera's quality design:

  • Ensures that it is easy to use and clean

  • Uses the best quality materials

  • Ensures that the juice produced is of the highest quality

  • Makes it last for a LONG time.

The PE / PNE range of presses offer both closed and open cage styles. Their medium press range features:

  • Large, manual or electric doors. Single or double

  • Juice vat either on sliders or legs

  • Control panel (touch screen) with 12 fully programmable programs

  • Frame made from stainless steel or mild painted steel

  • Direct drive motor

  • Onboard compressor (50 hl), optional onboard compressor (65, 80)

  • Optional wheels (50, 65, 80)

The Pera pneumatic press is recognized throughout the world for its gentle must extraction. In the design of this press our engineers have emphasized the following points :

  • The quality of must extraction

  • The free access to each part of the press which facilitates cleaning operation

  • The simple layout of the mechanical components that enables a quick service

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