HCWJ-51 or 53 5 HP Chiller/Heater


How It Operates:

This energy efficient wine or juice heater or chiller is much more effective than conventional heaters or chillers due to the fact that we eliminate one source of efficiency loss, glycol.

Rather than being processed through a glycol heated or cooled tank, this unit heats or chills wine or juice directly through a heat exchanger, which is heated or cooled via heat pump technology. This method totally eliminates the loss of efficiency of transferring heat into glycol, then back out again.

Wine or juice temperature is regulated by the rate of flow through the heat exchanger. The faster the flow, the less heat differential from the inlet to outlet temperature. Simply monitor the wine or juice temperature in your tank with any thermometer (not included), and run the unit until you reach desired temperature. As an added bonus, during cold stabilizing, tartrate crystals will settle to the bottom of your tank without forming on the walls, making your tank easier to clean.

Ideal Uses

  • Cold soaking

  • Heating for inoculation

  • Maintaining temperature for fermentation

  • Faster cold stabilizing

  • Heating prior to bottling



  • User-friendly

  • Heats or Cools

  • Powder-coat painted aluminum frame

  • Portable or stationary

  • Easily accessed insulated reservoir

  • Anti-freeze protection

  • 25’ electrical cord included



  • Length – 52”

  • Width – 36”

  • Height – 59”


Power Requirements:

240V Single phase 50 amps. Three phase - 30 amps