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Amphora SIRIO 500L

Terra Cotta Amphore for fermentation and maturation

The company’s amphorae and tanks are made of 100% natural materials and have a porosity that allows for the micro-oxidation of the wine. The amphorae also act as a thermal insulator and can impart minerality but with more “earthy notes” and a lifting of the wine on the palette. Terra cotta adds richness to the color of red wines and if clear white wines are aged in the vessel, it will impart a very light color enrichment to the wine over time. 

Includes Stainless fittings comprised of DIN outlet (TC adapter) and lid clamps. Also includes Morano Glass bubbler and FDA-approved rubber seals.



  • Total volume 500 liters/each

  • Total weight 230 kg

  • Thickness from 28 to 30mm

  • Cooking temperature of 1030°c

  • Total discharge inox Aisi 304 with DIN Outlet

  • Closing System Diamond Fix Inox AISI 304

  • With Quick Release.

  • Vulcanized O-ring 50 cm of diameter

  • Glass bubbler 500 ml

  • Vulcanized Rubber Gasket for Glass Bubbler

  • Food certificate



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