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The winemaking technique of flotation was adapted from the froth flotation process used in the mining industry for ore refining. In this process, small bubbles of air (or compressed nitrogen) are injected into the bottom of a tank. As the bubbles rise through the must, grape solids, including phenolic compounds prone to oxidation and browning, will tend to cling to the bubbles, creating a froth that can be removed from the wine. This must be done prior to fermentation, since yeast will inhibit the flocculation involved.

Benefits of Juice Flotation:

  • Rapid removal of solids at ambient temperature following pressing

  • Tight cap of lees which is easy to filter.

  • Less tanks required to manage clarification

  • Less time required to manage clarification

  • Easier decanting of clean juice

  • No cooling required for flotation process

  • Clean juice left at ambient temperature and therefore easy to start fermentation

  • Ability to mix in Activated Carbon to de-color juice
















The Eco-Flot flotator is a machine suitable for clarifying grape must while it is pumping over, using only one tank.


The machine is of ultra-compact design and installed on a practical trolley to guarantee an effective and economically advantageous flotation.

This model of flotator is highly versatile because once the liquid has been saturated while the must is pumping over, a sample is collected to analyze the quality of the product: if this is still not adequate, pumping over and saturation can continue for as long as necessary.

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