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Affinity French Oak

Tonnellerie Mercier is a premier cooperage located in Barbezieux, France. Known for over 50 years a supplier of quality and consistant oak, Mercier maintains their standard range (and specialty ranges - See Affinity, Harmony, and F de Mercier ranges) through continual managment of oak supply, finishing, toasting and construction.   



  • French oak                                                              

  • Tight and medium grain selection                           

  • Air seasoned in the wood yard 24 months                               

  • Special bending of staves with water


Technical Information

Recommendations and Benefits:

The combination of tight grain and specific toast helps extract smoother tannins, thus respecting the fruit and its elegance. The combination of medium grain and specific toast helps accentuate freshness, minerality and fat.


Available models: 

225L  228L  300L  500L

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