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FO 30 Gallon, M & M+

French Oak 30 gal (110L) Barrel - COF, Medium Toast, untoasted heads.

110L Sizes and are perfect for home winemakers or wineries looking for a small barrel for topping wine. 

The toast profiles are similar to a full size barrel - a medium toast will have higher tannin than a medium plus, while a medium plus will have higher aromatics. 

The major difference in using the smaller format barrels is the greater percentage of wood to wine ratio. The smaller barrels have a higher tannic impact than a full size barrel would. Additionally, when considering toast levels in the smaller format barrels, it is good to be aware that the toasting level of a 110L barrel will be lighter than in the larger barrels but not as light as in the 50L barrel. For example the medium toast in a 110L barrel will be on the lighter side of the medium toast spectrum.

Technical Information

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