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Titan Fermentation & Wine Storage Tanks

Available for Sale and Rental

Pacific Winemaking is proud to be the exclusive supplier of Titan IBCs in the Pacific Northwest. Titan IBCs are the foremost manufacturer and supplier of Standard and Specialized Stainless Transport tanks in the USA.


Titan IBC Fermentation and Wine Storage tanks include features to meet today’s industry standards while providing options to meet your specific needs. Titan IBC can provide containers using 304 stainless steel as standard and 316 stainless steel. Our containers are made for shipping, handling, blending, fermenting, distilling, and storage of wines, juices, beverages, flavorings, alcohols and distilled products.


  • Superior design
  • Additional leg height

  • Sanitary outlet with enhanced draining

  • One piece top & bottom—easy to clean

  • Removable top cover

  • Stackable

  • Easy for transport

  • 2-year warranty—best in the industry!


Titan has a large range of alternatives and options in its line of Specialized Wine Fermentation IBCs, or standard storage and transport containers. Parts are also available when needed.

Get ready for harvest 2020! Give us a call with your needs and we'll send you a tailor made quotation for supply.


Call Bruce at 503-419-7942 for Oregon

Jesse at 509-520-1967 for Washington

OR email us at

Download the full brochure: 

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Tank with dimple jacket


Easy removable swing lid

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